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The sun and seas of Croatia with a yacht

Croatia is one of the most amazing sailing holiday destinations in the world. Places where you can find more than a 1,000 islands and islets on such a small area are extremely rare. In addition, summers are long, hot and sunny, and that can be translated into almost six months of sailing and swimming. Thanks to the great length of its coast, it will be impossible for you to explore all the wonders of the Croatian Adriatic in one go. You can choose to sail the beautiful northern Adriatic regions of Istria and Kvarner, more southern Zadar region, the popular Split region, and the magical Dubrovnik area.

Best time to sail in Croatia

The best time to sail in Croatia would be at the end of May and in June. The weather is favourable; the winds are constant and strong enough for decent sailing. Sea water temperatures are high enough for a nice refreshing swim, but the bays are not completely full, which means you will find some privacy. There will be no rushing into marinas to get a spot, since there will still be plenty of room even in the evening. You will be able to find some nice charter offers for June, since it is not yet the peak of the season and you will be able to save some money which you can use for a variety of fun activities offered on various islands.

Getting on board of a yacht

The simplest way of getting on board of a yacht is to rent it. Renting a yacht at yacht rental croatiawithout any crew members is called a bareboat charter and is it most common way of renting yachts in Croatia. Behind that fact there are a few factors. Croatia has very mild summers if we talk about storms. They are not frequent and do not last long. When you have more than a 1,000 islands in an archipelago, you can always find a shelter during the storm. Taking these factors into consideration, even less experienced sailors can sail very safely along the Croatian coast and enjoy it.