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Rent my boat via the Samboat platform

SamBoat is an insurance boat rental platform between people. Most boats do not go out more than 15 days a year while excessively costing their owners. SamBoat's concept is to make all these ships that sleep in the port more helpful by making them accessible to other navigators. SamBoat connects ship owners and tenants with confidence thanks to its safe platform. The interest is twofold: a proprietor can amortize his boat's maintenance costs and a navigator can rent a boat up to 40 percent cheaper.

Advantageous for tourism

With hundreds of ships all over France, it is lastly feasible to rent your dream ship in regions where there is no rental offer. By making money on his budget, the tenant will have more funds to enjoy other operations (restaurants, outings, etc.). This is a chance for the proprietor to explore his region's wealth and the finest "places" where to wet. Above all, we build a browser community on SamBoat where exchange and sharing are at the core of the company. In addition, the cash the proprietor gets is often reinvested with experts in the region in the boat's maintenance or machinery. Samboat is the first French platform to give a day insurance solution to cover the ship from harm. This helps reassure customers and prevent large issues during the lease. Our service is distinguished by confidence and closeness to our customers.

The aim of renting my boat via Samboat

The concept is to have trusted and respectful consumers looking to share their enthusiasm. The aim is to allow the largest amount to have access to the pleasures of enjoyment at appealing rates. There are 2 solutions for people who don't have the sea legs or who don't feel like taking a ship in hand:-rent my boat with a skipper,-rent a boat for the night at the pier. Samboat has a very large fleet because they can find on-site motor boats or sailboats ranging from 4 to 30 meters with a price ranging from € 56 to € 4 000 per day.