24 Septembre 2019 à 06h06 - 1033

Sailing around the Sardianian coast

Known as the second largest island in the Mediterranean, Sardinia is an Italian island, located in the south of Corsica. Thanks to its location, it is now an excellent escape destination, especially for those who are keen on boat trips. Knowing that it is easy to find a boat on site.

Discover Sardinia

The best way to discover Sardinia today is to go by the coast, simply because it offers a new view of the island. This also changes the vision of everyone on the island on the mainland. This island has many coastal cities to visit absolutely, in order to perfect your experience and knowledge of the island. Not to mention that it also hides many coves and sea caves to discover, and what's more, inaccessible than by boat. And to pass easily from one city to another, you don't have to go there by four roads, the best way is to make the crossing by boat. Especially since boat hire sardinia offers are currently filling the market.

The cities of Sardinia

Obviously, we will not be able to mention all the cities of Sardinia without wasting hours there, in addition, it is impossible to visit them in a single trip. But, by finding a rental boat, it is possible for everyone to tour Sardinia, stopping in 5 major cities, starting with the Emerald Coast. A city whose capital, Porto Cervo, has many beaches and magnificent hotels, as well as a magnificent landscape. Then, it is necessary to pass by Alsinara, in order to learn more about the Sardinian fauna, as well as for the beach of Pelosa. Then there is the city of Alghero, famous for its cave, the one that seems to have been sculpted by Neptune himself, and which also bears his name, the Cave of Neptune.

Sardinia is one of the best holiday or escape destinations, one of the most popular at the moment, which is perfectly understandable.